Victoria Ustimenko-Laskina

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Victoria Ustimenko (Laskina) is a multi-industry entrepreneur with specialization in biotechnology, cryptocurrency, fashion and capital markets, she has collaborated with a wide variety of companies across the world, providing unsurpassed public relations & business development services. As a distinguished young thinker from Eastern Europe, she graduated from Donetsk State University in Marketing, where she rapidly obtain public relations skills that she would further develop over the course of her professional life. She currently leads as Head of Global Markets at  Transdisciplinary Agora for Future Discussions (TAFFDs). Her futurist and multidisciplinary vision of a better world has led her to endeavor in consolidating a progressive-thinking hub for exponential organizations worldwide, having a close relationship with some of the most impressive scientists, philosophers, artists, and entrepreneurs worldwide. Victoria Ustimenko (Laskina) is a volunteer at various charity initiatives among which are TAFFDs and CEO at PRETO Business PR Agency. PRETO Business is an official sponsor of TAFFDs and makes donations about 10% of its profit to TAFFDs endowment fund to promote trends inside Africa. 

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